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Records. LPs. Wax. Vinyl.

No matter what word you use, we have a passion for those little circles of music. No other music medium can claim to be the music itself and that's what makes vinyl special. It's such a simple concept and we love simple.

That's why we created Vinyl Deals.

Consider it the online equivalent of crate digging. When you're in your local record store, it's likely you'll find something awesome hidden in the used bins. But online, finding a sweet deal is harder.

Online deals happen every day, but they're often hidden away. So, we use our proprietary technology to find those deals and use our talented editors write about the deals along with information about the pressing. Our technology is greedy and is proactively searching out new deals and records automatically. Every time you come back, there's something new.

So what's in it for us? Aside from finding records that we want to buy ourselves, many of our links have affiliate codes that earn us a small commission whenever you buy something. That doesn't mean we're only going to post Amazon links. If there's a great deal that an indie record store has posted online, we'll put that up for all to see. We want everyone to enjoy records, regardless of where they come from.

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