Indigo Girls Look Long Keeps Dropping

Every once in awhile, an album goes into this sort of free fall, as far as prices are concerned. Whether it's the algorithm, or the publisher/buyer is manipulating the price, every couple of days, Look Long by the Indigo Girls drops in price just a little bit.

Right now, it's sitting at $7.05, which is the best price we've seen. It's been in our Under $10 Vinyl section since December and has been one of the top purchases.

So, the dilemma is, do you buy now and lock in this price? Or do you keep waiting for a cheaper price? Hard to say, and nothing I can offer guidance on.

Indigo Girls - Look Long: $7.05
2x LP released in May 2020, reaching #2 on the Billboard US Folk chart. LP mastered by Kevin Gray. Package contains a two-sided lyrics sheet.

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