Search Works Again

I'm happy to announce that the Vinyl Deals Search feature is back up and working again! It's been a long time coming since it has been broken for quite some time. Many of you have reached out to let me know that you'd like to use it, so I'm glad to say that it is indeed functional again.

Vinyl Deals Search Box

You may or may not know that Vinyl Deals is a side gig for me when I don't have demands of my day job and life hitting away. I'm probably the #1 user of Vinyl Deals and that's sort of why I built it in the first place: to help me find a good way to find deals on vinyl records.

With that, I'll be the first to say that the Search feature is not the best search; it's kind of "dumb". But I'm also glad it's back. Along with the search, a new set of performance improvements has been possible and I've re-built some of the software development workflow pieces to make it easier to iterate and push out new fixes and features.

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