Garth Brooks Legacy Box Sets for Cheap?

There's a crazy sale going on for some of the Garth Brooks Legacy versions.

It seems unreal, but the full Legacy Collection, which normally runs $150 is only $44. This has 3 box sets in one. Can't imagine the price will get any better than this.

The other big one is the 14 disc (7 vinyl/7 CD) set, howing up as $22.50, sold by When you first click on the link, it says $119, but lower on the page, it says another seller for $22.50. That's the Amazon listing. The reason it doesn't showing up right away is that it doesn't ship until later in November. I just added it to my cart and was able to go through the checkout process. Looks like the usual price for this is around $75, so a pretty good deal.

Garth Brooks: The Legacy Collection - $43.97
This is 3 box sets in 1. Normally this runs around $150 (though last year it was running closer to $200). This is the complete everything.
Legacy - Ltd Edition Numbered Series
Legacy was released in July 2019. This box set has 14 discs (7 vinyl and 7 CD).

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