Field Music's Commontime Vinyl Variants

The latest from English indie rock duo, Field Music, is out on February 5, 2016. There's a couple different variants out there, so let's run 'em down.

Field Music: Commontime Vinyl Album Art

Field Music: Commontime

This is the standard release. It's a double-LP on black, 180 gram vinyl. A download card is included.

There is also a limited edition version in green vinyl available on the Field Music UK Store. There's only 500 of these babies available, so head to their store to get one.

Not to be outdone, there is an indie-exclusive version on neon orange vinyl. The UK is getting 725 of these and the US is getting 300. The Bull Moose listing doesn't explicitly say it's orange vinyl, but the UPC matches the orange versions available at indie UK retailers. This version did show up on Amazon, but it's now "Unavailable".

The album was mastered by brother David Brewis and was DMM cut and pressed at Optimal.

Here's the first single off the new record, "The Noisy Days Are Over":

The second, "Disappointed", is a catchy pop tune destined to get your feet moving.

The 14 tracks are:

Side A

  1. The Noisy Days Are Over
  2. Disappointed
  3. But Not For You

Side B

  1. I'm Glad
  2. Don’t You Want To Know What's Wrong?
  3. How Should I Know If You've Changed?
  4. Trouble At The Lights

Side C

  1. They Want You To Remember
  2. It's A Good Thing
  3. The Morning Is Waiting

Side D

  1. Indeed It Is
  2. Same Name
  3. Stay Awake

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