Adele: 25 Vinyl Released

Adele - 25 Vinyl Album Art

Adele - 25

The latest from Adele is finally upon us and, boy, she is going to sell some records with this one. I kind of feel bad for anyone else that drops their album on the same day. Right now, every retailer seems to have the price jacked up, so you might want to wait. I pre-ordered it from Amazon a few weeks ago when it was $16.99, but now it's up at $22.99.

This might be a good time to reiterate how pre-orders work on Amazon: if the price drops after you pre-order but before the ship date, they'll automatically give you the best price. You're also protected from price increases, so the most you'll pay is the price you pre-ordered at.

This album is one of the times where the size of the vinyl album art really shines. Beyond the amazing cover photo, the inner sleeve is covered in smaller photos of Adele recording and working on the album in the studio.

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