Amazon Exclusive Soundtracks No Longer Exclusive

In early October, Amazon announced a bunch of exclusive soundtrack reissues. There was a bit of head scratching going on -- why are they releasing their own exclusives? And why are they 30 year old soundtracks?

It now looks like those exclusives are about to expire as the albums are showing up at other retailers. Bull Moose and Best Buy have those same reissues set for release in their stores on November 20th. Looks like Bull Moose has priced them all at $17.97, a much better price than was Amazon was asking.

Top Gun Album Art

Top Gun OST

Goonies OST Album Art

Goonies OST (30th Anniversary)

Footloose OST Album Art

Footloose OST

Rocky IV OST Album Art

Rocky IV OST (30th Anniversary)

Dirty Dancing OST Album Art

Dirty Dancing OST

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